Southside Baptist Church is a self-governing, autonomous body of believers. That means we are free to make our own decisions based on conscience in our understanding of the Scriptures and God’s guidance through his Spirit.

However, Southside has found that it is most advantageous and in keeping with Scripture that it partner whenever appropriate with those who are like-minded in gospel ministry. So Southside is first a Southern Baptist Convention church (SBC). That does not mean we will agree with every other SBC church in every issue. However, it does mean that we agree enough to be able to┬ápull our resources in an effort to fulfill God’s command to make disciples of all nations through the International Mission Board with over 5000 missionaries all over the world. Our SBC affiliation also allows us to partner with other churches here in the United States and Canada through the North American Mission Board. There are also seminaries and other institutions that we support together with other SBC churches through our regular offerings.

Most SBC churches in North Carolina are also affiliated with the North Carolina Baptist State Convention, and then finally there is even a local association of SBC churches in Cabarrus County that organize and work together.