On Sunday, November 13, 1932, upon the request of the West Concord Baptist Church, a group of ordained Baptist ministers, consisting of M.L. Ross, H.G. Liner, T.C. Stallings, E.S. Summers, W.F. Stegall and Roy Dotson, met with a small group of people, in a building at the intersection of Charlotte Highway and Roberta Road, for the purpose of considering the organization of a Missionary Baptist Church. Under the leadership of Mr. J.A. Harrington, a group had already been meeting for Sunday School. At this meeting Mr. Harrington presented the reasons for organizing a church, stressing the fact that the locality justified such an organization since many who were already attending Sunday School could not easily attend elsewhere.

Southside Baptist Church of Concord, North Carolina, was unanimously agreed upon as the name of the newly organized church. Letters were then presented from the following people, who were received as the charter members: W.A. Buff, Mamie Buff, Vance Buff, Conway Buff, Amy Blackwelder, P.A. Coley, Maggie Coley, Clegg Coley, Alice Coley, Annie Coley, Lillian Deal, Bertha Ervin, Ruby Ervin, J.L. Ervin, Virgie Buff Smith, Robert Keys, Adam Russ, Mamie Russ, S.M. Menius, J.A. Harrington, Jennie Harrington, Minnie Harrington, Alice Harrington, Ruth Ford, Catherine Tucker, Addie Tucker, Flora Turner, Brancy Little, E.L. Hatley, Mary Hatley, Gertrude Whittington, H.G. Liner, and Minnie Liner.

The first conference was held November 13, 1932, and the issue of priority was the election of a building committee to begin looking for a permanent location for the church. At the second conference, held on December 4, 1932, the present location of the church was selected, and the following men were elected as the first Deacons: J.A. Harrington, S.M. Menius, Charley Smith, W.A. Buff, T.A. Russ, P.A. Coley, and Ed Hatley.

Rev. H.G. Liner was called as the first pastor on December 25, 1932, with a salary of $4 per month. The first baptismal service was held on January 11, 1933, at the West Concord Baptist Church. Southside’s first revival was held in a tent on the church lot beginning September 6, 1937 with Rev. Henry Blackwelder as the revival preacher. Forty-two joined on profession of faith and baptism and nine by transfer of letter. The first organist was Jessie Corl, the first marriage was John Parker and Bessie Rae Turner, on December 23, 1936 by M.L. Ross. A.W. Phillips was the first to be licensed to preach by Southside, on November 14, 1937.

Southside began as a Sunday School, meeting in Mr. J.A. Harrington’s yard, then as the church was chartered they met in the old store building at the intersection of Charlotte Highway and Roberta Road. Later, they moved into the old barn on Roberta Road and met there for several years. A building fund was started with $317.66 on January 24, 1937, with the congregation working toward a permanent location. The construction of the present sanctuary began in 1939, and with the prayers, work and sacrifice of its members it was dedicated to the glory of God on October 1, 1944. Other construction projects included the church parsonage in 1953 and a new educational building completed in 1966. The church has been able to purchase additional property connected to its property with plans of future expansion.

From its small beginning to its present membership, Southside has been a continuous lighthouse in this community, touching lives and seeing 100’s of individuals come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Also, a number of men have been called out of the church into full-time Christian ministry, including: John Henry Connell, S.M. Menius, Roy Hinson, Jerry Privette, Arthur Plummer, Dave Brown, Clyde Tucker, A.W. Philiips, Ronnie Honeycutt, Rodney Quesenberry, Doug Irvin, and David Blackwelder.

Those who have served as pastor at Southside are: H.G. Liner (1932-35), M.L. Ross (1935-41), James C. Gwaltney (1942-44), E.B. Hicks (1945-48), H.A. Privette (1948-63), L.A. Howard (1963-75), Leslie H. Parrish (1976-81), Robert E. Leonard (1981-2006), Joey Morrison (2007-Present).